In any Industrial installation, land value is the most important factor on which total cost of project as well as product is dependent, so proper utilization of space is must. Installation of transformer in an industry requires a huge space which could be saved and utilize the same for another purpose by using corrugated transformer.

Corrugated transformer or hermetically sealed transformer is not only space savvy equipment it is highly reliable equipment with better cooling. Our corrugated transformer is optimally designed to get the long life with high efficiency & reliability. Corrugated transformers are available with wide range in 11KV as well as 33KV class up to 2500 KVA. Corrugated transformers are compact in size as corrugated fins have been used for cooling in place of conventional pressed steel radiators. Cooling effect through this fins are more effective in comparison of conventional radiators due to which we will get better cooling and reliability and age of transformers increases.


1. For Prefabricated Substations, for compact dimensions and small installation space. It can be installed very near to loads, i.e. building, etc and it ensures trouble free operations without interruptions. Installations cost are negligible.

2. For Industrial purpose with advantage of space saving and better reliable cooling.


1. Corrugated fins impart better heat dissipation leading to better cooling due to this it is more reliable for installation in compact substation.

2. Compact size and corrugated fins enhances the appearance of transformer.

3. Improved oil flow therefore constant cooling achieved.

4. Economical due to corrugated design.

5. Better cooling will enhance the life span of transformer.

6. Reduced installation time due to absence of mounting components

7. corrugated transformers are manufactured in Green Plant as a Green Product to create Green Environment.

8. These transformers are designed through CAD using optimization techniques as to reduce carbon footprint by saving costly raw materials and improving electrical as well as performance efficiency.


1. ECOC Model: This is very cost effective when energy consumption is around 1% to 2% of the manufacturing cost of products produced by the organization. It is not suitable, where billing is doing on KVAH basis.

2. HEFFC Model: Efficiency of these corrugated transformers at 50% loading is more than 99.4 and at 100% loading efficiency is ranging between 98.5% to 99.1%.This transformer is highly cost effective when loading varies between no load to 100%

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