An electric device which transfers current and voltage from one device to another is known as a transformer. Transformer works by generating a magnetic field around itself which is proportional the current size. The transformers are classified into many types to suit individual requirements and applications. Each industry has its own requirement for different application but the end function is to make the power reach the users and appliances in a safe and efficient way. Transformer manufacturing company in India are here explaining the classification of transformers to help better decide the appropriate product. All transformers have two types of coils mainly primary and secondary would around a magnetic field. Transformers can be classified into the following categories-

Transformer Classification on the basis of construction

  • Core Type Transformers:

This type of transformer has coils or windings in shape of a cylinder which is then placed atop the core limbs. It consists of many laters which are all insulated from the layer next to them. Materials like mica, paper , cloth etc. are frequently used for insulation. For insulation the Low voltage coils along with the the insulating material is kept near to the core.

  • Shell Type Transformers:

This type of transformer can either be in the form of a single rectangular structure or it can have a form which is distributed. All the turns in the coil are the folded in the original form and then placed one over the other with layers of insulation in between them.

Classification on the basis of utility

  • Step-Up Transformer:

The step-up transformer is used to increase the voltage and is mostly found near power plants where high voltage is a mandatory requirement during the operating procedures. In this device the primary winding has Lesser turns than the secondary winding. Examples where this step up transformer is used include microwaves and x ray machines which require an even and smooth power supply for the appliances.

  • Step-Down Transformer:

This device is used to decrease the voltage or high power current for supply power to homes and over distribution lines. In this transformer the secondary windings has lesser turns as compared to the primary windings. works with the primary and secondary windings in which primary winding has more turns than the secondary winding it is designed to convert the high voltage current into the low voltage power current. The most common and famous example for its use includes the doorbell.

The Transformers Are Classified On The Basis Of Its Supply:-

  • Single Phase Transformer:

This is the most basic type of transformer which appears first in any type of which classification of a transformer. The single phase transformer is the one which is used most commonly in the various commercial and and domestic purposes.

  • Three-Phase Transformer:

This device is highly preferred over the single phase transformer for the many benefits this device offers. It is mostly used in various industrial areas and applications. Compared to the single phase devices they are smaller and compact and also easy on the pocket and the bill. It is recommended for its cost effectiveness and highly efficient and smooth working.

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