BIS ISI Marked Distribution Transformer as per IS:1180 Part 1(2014)

Every single transformer is designed according to the individual customer requirement such as Voltage, Power System Parameters, Location Geography, System Disturbance Level and many more including National / International standards with a vision of bringing reliable quality power safely to the end consumer.

Special features of Oil type BIS ISI Marked Distribution Transformers include:

Distribution Transformers are tailor made to each & every requirement of customers conforming to National & international Standards.

  • Transformer is designed by experienced expert engineers using most modern software programs.
  • The process blueprints for each transformer is prepared advanced technologies like AutoCAD & ProE to ensure adherence to the design parameters.
  • Highly skilled Transformer Production wing with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
  • Transformer losses are minimized by the usage of high quality & high grade CRGO laminations & Copper Conductors like PCC,CTC or Bunched PCC.
  • Step lap core with multiple sheets per bag is used in the core lamination jointing.
  • Reduced stray loss & transformer noise by means of proper clamping using lean structures.
  • Transformer windings are made with new state of the art conductors with high quality paper insulation manufactured under stringent quality norms.
  • Transformer oil is directed to the winding to ensure efficient heat dissipation.
  • Electrical stress analysis of coil assembly & insulation assembly design is done with advanced software.
  • Transformers are designed & manufactured for overloading during service span as per relevant standards.
  • Uniform and rigid clamping of the coil is ensured for withstanding forces during short circuits as well as in transportation & service. 
  • Efficient cooler design to operate under maximum stringent service conditions.
  • Specially designed tanks using 3D software and manufactured with best quality steel & modern welding techniques are used to reduce oil volume and to withstand pressure during fault conditions.
  • Tank stray losses are much reduced by CRGO & copper Shields.
  • High Quality reliable Transformers are manufactured under stringent quality checks at all stages.
  • Incoming material quality is ensured by stringent vendor approval procedures.
In all, we offer a reliable &smart transformer for your electrical grid.


  • Design conforms to IS:1180 (Part 1) 2014, IS: 2026, BS 171, IEC 76 and other relevant standards.
  • Latest manufacturing techniques to ensure cost effectiveness and reliability.
  • Designed for 25 years of trouble – free performance.
  • Very low power loss and low noise.
  • Optimum utilization of active materials for sleek design.
  • Withstands electrical impulses, thermal and dynamic stresses.

Optional Accessories:

  • Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (ANSI 71)
  • Oil Temperature Gauge (ANSI 26)
  • Pressure/Vacuum Gauge
  • On-Load Tap Changer with RTCC Panel
  • Current Transformers
  • Contacts on Standard Gauges
  • Pressure Relief Device (standard over 3 MVA)
  • Winding Temperature Gauge (ANSI 49)
  • Sudden Pressure Rise Relay (ANSI 63)
  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Lightning Arresters
  • Load Break and Multi-Voltage Switches
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Digital Transformer Monitor
  • Class 1 Div II/Marine/Corrosive Environments
  • High Altitude
  • Seismic Conditions and Anchoring
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