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We at Cosmostat are committed to supply transformers of agreed quality on time, every time to the satisfaction of our customers.


With Expertise spanning almost four decades in transforming power into efficient energy that's safe for users and the environment, Cosmostat has emerged as the undisputed leader in providing quality and reliable transformer.


(a) Quality management and customer satisfaction (b) Service call management (c) Inventory management (d) Management information system ..

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We are a world class manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Power Conditioning Solutions providing the best quality Transformers and services to our customers..


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Quality Policy


To ensure all that employees are knowledgeable of, and understand and comply with, all applicable standards requirements.


Deliver the superior value to all stakeholders by continually improving on all performances and parameters by deploying quality processes.


Develop and implement strategic thinking, technological innovations and quality benchmarks.


Train and motivate all employees to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of this policy.

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