Currently there are two main types of transformers available in the market which include the linear transformer and switch mode power transformer. Both The transformers differ in their design. Examples where Linear transformer is used includes mostly used in radio, project kits, etc and switch mode transformer is used in Monitor, Tv, Fax.

In a transformer two coils are used which are wounded together on the same core. Iron is usually used as the core material. For power transformers and For a radio-frequency transformer, ferrite is the core material. The main function of a transformer is to alter AC current and voltage. The leading transformer manufacturing company in India are here with the tips that will help in accurate testing of transformer for making the process easy.

How to test transformers:

Transformer failures are unusual to hear about. In case of too high a voltage or current passing through the coil, the circuit breaks down by the heating of the winding.

The breakdown of the primary and secondary winding can also be checked and it is easier in case of a linear transformer. It can be done by applying ac voltage to the primary winding. If there is very low or absence of voltage from the secondary side then it signifies the opening of the winding of the transformer. Signs of overheating like the peculiar smell can be easily noticed.

Testing a power transformer is a little tough as load has to be connected without which there are chances of overload. Linear transformer are the ones which can be tested in the absence of load and the switch mode power supply work with load while linear transformer can be test without load.

So to test a switch mode power transformer firstly one has to disconnect it from the board and then Check the primary winding because it is very for secondary winding to fail. One can distinguish primary winding from the secondary by Using a filter cap. The positive pin of the bag will go to the pin of the transformer and the middle pin that is the drain will lead to a pin of the transformer . These two pins make primary winding. This method through resistance checks if the coil ha opened or not. So to check if it has shortened or not one has to apply ringer test.

The most cost effective ringer tester is Dick Smith LOPT METER or flyback tester. It can instantly tell the results on the bar graph by connecting its probes to the primary winding. A reading of 4-8 means full winding, 1-2 bar signifies partial shortening and switching off of the represents heavy shortening in the coil.

The equipment is an expensive ringer which can check all kinds of windings of all the transformers. Transformer repair requires skill and knowledge and is definitely not easy to perform. The people who repair the transformers like to rewind the bigger windings like the fan, car alternator etc . This make the Switch mode power transformer a bit tough to rewind owning to its small size and cheap pricing.

These tips of testing a transformer by distribution transformer manufacturer in India,
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