Electricity is an essential part of everyone’s life hence it is quite impossible to live without it. Each and every appliance that we use is totally dependent on electricity. That is why transformers plays an important role here of supplying the much-needed electricity to homes and offices. For both domestic and commercial properties, electricity is supplied with the help of transformers and that is why it holds high importance in our lives.

Cosmostat is one of the Leading Transformers Supplier in India and is engaged in Distribution Transformer, supply of high-quality transformers since its inception in the year 1994. Here, you will get to know the importance of Transformers in everyday life. Transformers are used for the purpose of switching voltage between electric circuits. Two types of coils are consisted in the transformers and they are coupled with the magnetic field. The function of these coils is same as conductor and the ability of the transformer is determined by the quantity of windings present on the coils.

Advantages of Transformers !

The major advantages of transformers are:
  • Stabilizing and controlling the voltage transmission
  • Does not require any starting time
  • Highly efficient
  • Less capital investment
  • Low maintenance
  • Transformers provide isolation to the ground
  • No moving parts are present in transformers

Applications Of Transformers!

They are used to control heavy power supply
Transformers are used to set up/down devices that are in power transmission
Because of the feature of distribution of electrical power and equal transmission, they are used in industrial plants, power plants and also in traditional electric utility companies.

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