Transformers are electrical equipment used in residential, commercial and industrial sectors to transfer energy from one circuit to another with the help of electromagnetic induction. They consist of primary and secondary windings with varying magnetic fields, which further induce varying electromotive force or voltage. The role of transformers is to change the level of voltage within power networks depending on the applications involved. If the voltage is too high, step down transformers are used to lower the voltage for the appliance it is passed on to. Similarly, if the voltage is too low for an appliance, step up transformers increase the voltage to the required level. With a wide variety of transformers available in the market, power transformers are one of the most widely and popularly used. So, what is so special about power transformers? These transformers are used in situations with low power necessities and where large amount of electrical energy or voltage is required.

Where are power transformers used?

Power stations, industrial operations, transformer stations, reactors and auxiliary plants – all utilize power transformers to modify and regulate the specific power to a voltage level suitable for the given application. Also, power transformers are used to raise the voltage before electricity is transmitted to long distances through wires. This property of increasing voltage results in economic transmission of power supply over long distances by reducing the chances of power loss due to low currents. Therefore, power transformers are used in every kind of electrical operation where the voltage that a specific equipment receives can be increased or decreased according to the application’s requirements.

What are the different types of power transformers available?

Apart from the step up and step down transformers spoken of above, there are a wide variety of power transformers available in the market for various purposes. These include laminated cores, toroidal, auto transformers, variable auto transformers, induction regulators, polyphase transformers, grounding transformers, stray field transformers, resonant transformers, constant voltage transformers, ferrite cores, oil cooled transformers, cast resin transformers and isolating transformers. You can choose these transformers based on what your requirements and choices are. Your choice of indoor/outdoor installation, choice of environment for installation, choice of applications, and other specifications like input voltage and frequency, power capacity, winding turns ratios, coolant choices, etc. will decide on which kind of power transformer you require.

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